Chicken Street – Located on Ly Van Phuc, this is a little further away than most but at just a 10 minute taxi ride, it’s well worth it. We won’t spoil the surprise of what’s on the menu, but don’t be disappointed if they’ve run out over everything other than chicken. Possibly the best outdoors eatery in Hanoi.

Pho Vui (Open after dark)– Take a dollar or two and dive into one of the best bowls of pho you’ll get in Hanoi. Located just down the road from The Downtown Hostel on Hang Giay. Usually beef Pho and would definitely recommend to add a little chili and some lemon juice, although you’ll soon figure out how you like to eat it.

Phu Doan Pho  – Open from sun up to lunch time, and just around the corner from The Original Hostel enjoy some Beef Pho for breakfast!

Bun Cha Hang Manh – Possibly the most famous Bun Cha in Hanoi. Just a short stroll round the corner from our Original Hostel on Hang Dien, this place does fantastic food that many travellers do not get the chance to experience. So be different, take a gamble and see for yourself just how good street food can taste.

BBQ Corner – located just up the road from our Original Hostel on Hang Bong, pick your meat or vegetables and BBQ them right on the street corner.

Cha Ca Street – Some of Hanoi’s best fish restaurants are located an easy walk from both hostel on Cha Ca Street. Traditional hot pot and grilled fish dishes that are simply delicious.

Quan An Ngon – Experience traditional Vietnamese food at its finest whilst still having the luxury of sitting down in a lovely restaurant. Be prepared to sit there for a while though because the menu is HUGE and it will take you ages to order. Or ask the staff to recommend you a tasty local dish (chili salt beef is always a winner).

New Day – A short walk from The Downtown Hostel, and excellent value for money, New Day is another great place to try out Vietnamese and Western food alike. Don’t make too many plans for the rest of the evening as you may very well get back to the hostel with a massive food coma.

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